Mr Dean Utian, Academic Mentor, Built Environment

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Mr. Dean Utian is a Sessional Academic and Educational Designer within UNSW Built Environment. He is passionate about learning, as well as the use of current and emerging technologies to enhance the student experience and learning outcomes. He teaches courses in digital communication, immersive environments and games, as well as film, employing blended and fully online modes of delivery. Mr. Utian played a key role in the design and delivery of the Built Environment's first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), and its subsequent redevelopment into a general education and elective course for UNSW students. Mr. Utian’s courses are often presented as exemplars for their innovation and best practice in use of technology to enhance learning. They employ a range of  approaches including flipped learning, game-based learning, storytelling and multimedia learning.

In his education design and support role, Mr. Utian has guided staff in the use best use of the LMS and other technology to enhance learning and teaching, as well as the student experience. He has mentored academic staff and has run workshops in developing teaching award applications, guiding staff in developing evidence of excellence in their practice. 

Mr. Utian’s achievements in education have been recognised within UNSW by two Built Environment teaching excellence awards (2008, 2014), two Vice Chancellor's Awards for Teaching Excellence (2009 and 2017) and a national level through a Citation for Outstanding Contributions t to Student Learning (2015).

Email [email protected] to enquire if Dean is available to mentor you. 

Mentoring for

Learning and Teaching

  • student learning
  • learning and teaching curriculum design
  • assessment and feedback
  • peer review of curriculum
  • formative peer observation of teaching
  • convening a course
  • integrating technologies into learning and teaching
  • active learning spaces
  • evaluation
  • general teaching methods

Learning and Teaching Awards and Grants

  • development of an application for a faculty learning and teaching award 
  • development of an application for a faculty learning and teaching grant 
  • development of an application for a UNSW Award for Teaching 
  • development of an application for a UNSW Scientia Education Investment Fund Program (SEIF) learning and teaching grant
  • development of an application for a national learning and teaching award 
  • development of an application for a national learning and teaching grant

Generic Mentoring

  • how to establish and build networks 
  • supporting critical reflection through listening and asking questions
  • identifying leadership opportunities in learning and teaching
  • research and social engagement

Additional areas

  • Multimedia / digital communication, including development of animation and video
  • User experience design, including visual enhancement of the learning journey and online experience

Conditions for mentoring facilitation

  • one-on-one mentoring
  • group mentoring
  • 1-2 mentees at any stage

Academic level of potential mentees

  • Any level including Professional Staff


Willing to mentor within my discipline and/or across disciplines.