Teaching Online Module

Teaching Online Module

The Online Teaching Module is a professional development module developed by the PVCSE Portfolio, designed to support educators in the delivery of online learning. The Moodle Module covers three topics over three weeks with an expected time commitment of between 7 - 12 hours.

Module learning outcomes:

  • Identify key online teaching concepts and strategies drawing on pedagogical literature
  • Design and develop a student-centred online course.

Module topics:

  1. Design challenges and opportunities
  2. Engaging and supporting students online
  3. Assessing and giving feedback online

Completion task (optional)

Course participants are encouraged to use the Module's course design template to design/redesign or enhance one of their own courses. Module facilitators provide feedback on the course plans via Turnitin.

In-house training

The Online Teaching Module is available for faculty teaching support staff who would like to offer it for in-house training. If you would like to know more about the module and request a copy please contact Kristin Turnbull: [email protected]