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We are excited to announce the release of a new and improved chatbot A.I.D.E (Artificial Intelligence for Digital Education) on the 14th of September! A.I.D.E has been assisting UNSW Staff since 2019, and with emerging AI technologies, we are trialing a new technology of the chatbot for Term 3 2023 and Term 1 2024. The updated chatbot will be available within your Moodle course sidebar to assist with Moodle and Inspera-related questions.

As of 22/01/24, A.I.D.E will also have single sign-on which prepares us for more accurate responses and allows A.I.D.E to escalate to the faculty.

A.I.D.E. will continue to provide 24/7 EdTech support. If it cannot answer your questions, it will escalate your query to the EdTech Hub

What's new?

New chatbot architecture

We are trialling a new chatbot technology for Term 3 2023

Ability to take information directly from ETS webpages

A.I.D.E can now scan our resource pages to provide up-to-date information directly from the Teaching Gateway site

Ability to escalate queries to the EdTech Hub

When unable to answer a complex question, A.I.D.E will now give users options to contact the EdTech Hub support team via phone or web form

Chatbot is now directly embedded in Moodle


A.I.D.E is now integrated in Moodle for a seamless support experience - please note, A.I.D.E will only be available in courses using the Moodle Enhance theme

Ability to provide drill down based on tool type

A.I.D.E will now ask questions to pinpoint exactly which tool your question is about

Chatbot has been removed from the Teaching Gateway site for the duration of the pilot

For Term 3 2023, A.I.D.E will only be available within your Moodle course to ensure that only UNSW Staff will have access to the trial bot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Devices and browsers compatible with A.I.D.E?

A: This chatbot is accessible on latest versions of all desktop and laptop browsers and mobile devices except Internet Explorer. 

Q: Can I talk to someone directly on A.I.D.E?

A: Unfortunately, not at this stage. But, the bot will escalate your query to the EdTech Hub if it's unable to answer your question.

Q: Who owns and maintains A.I.D.E?

A: PVCE Educational Technology Support own and maintain A.I.D.E. 

Q: Is A.I.D.E available for students as well?

A: Not at this stage. A.I.D.E is currently only trained to respond staff related enquires. 

Q: Who can I contact about this chatbot?

A: To provide any review or feedback about A.I.D.E, please use the feedback prompt provided at the end of a conversation.