Safe Exam Browser

SEB flow


Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is an web browser environment to carry out online exams in a restrictive environment. SEB allows you to:

  1. disable access to non-whitelisted urls and programs, 
  2. block certain keyboard and mouse keys, for example, switching to another tabs using Ctrl + Tab on Windows machines) and
  3. prevent the Safe Exam Browser from being closed.

Safe Exam Browser is not an environment to create and publish quizzes. Instead, it creates a secure and locked-down environment for a student to existing quizzes on an Learning Management System.

Getting started

To get started please visit the Safe Exam Browser Project Pilot.

Alternatively, please contact the Director of Teaching Strategy, Professor Alex Steel [email protected].


Quizzes using STACK for Physics

Associate Professor Elizabeth Angstmann

Online tests or quizzes had been used in Liz’s courses for several years allowing for constant refinement. She now runs a mixture of in-class and take-home tests in order to assess over a thousand students in first-year Physics. The quizzes utilise STACK within the Moodle Quiz activity.

Safe Exam Browser for in-lab Open Book Assessments

Dr Nirmani Wijenayake

Dr Nirmani Wijeyanake used the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) for delivering two open book digital assessments (worth 25% each) in Fundamentals of Biochemistry (BIOC2181), in July and August 2019, catering for 240 students. The beauty of this system is that you can set up the SEB to only give access to specific sites you want the student to interact with during the exam. As this was an open book exam, with SEB, students were able to attempt the Moodle quiz while accessing their notes through LabArchives, an electronic lab notebook for their lecture notes.

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