Associate Professor Elizabeth Angstmann, Academic Mentor, Science

Elizabeth Angstmann

Associate Professor Elizabeth (Liz) Angstmann is an education focused academic. She is the first year physics director and runs courses with thousands of enrolments. She is also responsible for the introduction of the graduate certificate in physics for science teachers which began in 2018.

Liz is interested in physics education research, with a focus on student learning in an online environment. She uses concept inventory tests to measure learning gains. Liz is most interested in applying the findings of the educational research literature to the courses she runs and designs.

Liz won the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence in 2015.

Liz is a Scientia Academy Fellow and an Education Focused academic providing leadership and vision in learning and teaching across UNSW and in the higher education sector.

Email [email protected] to enquire if Liz is available to mentor you. 

Mentoring for

Learning and Teaching

  • student learning
  • learning and teaching curriculum design
  • assessment and feedback
  • peer review of curriculum
  • formative peer observation of teaching
  • convening a course
  • integrating technologies into learning and teaching
  • active learning spaces
  • evaluation
  • general teaching methods

Conditions for mentoring facilitation

  • one-on-one mentoring
  • 1-2 mentees at any stage

Academic level of potential mentees

  • Lecturer A
  • Lecturer B
  • Lecturer C


Willing to mentor within my discipline and/or across disciplines.