Dr Luke Hunter, Academic Mentor, Science

Luke Hunter

Luke Hunter is a teaching-and-research academic within the School of Chemistry. He teaches into a variety of chemistry courses across 1st - 3rd year (and Honours). His interests include developing methods to boost in-class engagement; new forms of blended learning; and hurdle-based assessment. Luke is also the School of Chemistry's 1st Year Academic Coordinator, so is responsible for administering multiple large courses every semester. 

In 2015 Luke received a Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence, and in 2017 he was part of a team from the School of Chemistry that received a Vice-Chancellor's Award for Enhancing the Student Experience. Luke and his colleagues within the School of Chemistry have secured substantial funding for a variety of education research projects, including two Strategic Educational Development grants ($170,000 - $200,000) and five Learning and Teaching Innovation grants ($20,000 - $25,000). 

Luke is involved in several scholarly projects that seek to measure the effectiveness of online teaching, and the benefits of a hurdle-based assessment approach."

Luke is a Scientia Academy Fellow and an Education Focused academic providing leadership and vision in learning and teaching across UNSW and in the higher education sector.

Email [email protected] to enquire if Luke is available to mentor you. 

Research Page

Mentoring for

Learning and Teaching

  • student learning 
  • learning and teaching curriculum design 
  • assessment and feedback 
  • feedback on course structure for teaching units 
  • convening a course 
  • integrating technologies into learning and teaching 
  • general teaching methods

Awards and Grants

  • development of an application for a faculty learning and teaching award 
  • development of an application for a faculty learning and teaching grant 
  • development of an application for a UNSW Award for Teaching 
  • development of an application for a UNSW Scientia Education Investment Fund Program (SEIF) learning and teaching grant
  • development of an application for a UNSW promotion

Generic Mentoring

  • identifying leadership opportunities in learning and teaching, research and social engagement

Conditions for mentoring facilitation

  • one-on-one mentoring
  • group mentoring
  • 3-4 mentees at any stage

Academic level of potential mentees

  • Lecturer A 
  • Lecturer B 
  • Lecturer C


Willing to mentor within my discipline and/or across disciplines.