Dr Thomas Britz, Academic Mentor, UNSW Science

Thomas BritzDr Thomas Britz is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Mathematics and Statistics and has been at UNSW since 2006. He loves to teach and engage with students, and research brings his great satisfaction, as do his various service and admin roles. 

Dr Britz loves teaching and feels privileged to be teaching and supporting students at UNSW. He prides himself on his style of teaching and connecting with his students. His students feel supported, happy, do well academically and achieve education. He likes to explore and think of new ways in which to improve teaching, sometimes by new technology, sometimes by new use of old technology, and sometimes by emotional and social means. He also supports maths education through outreach, as editor of Parabola.

Dr Britz won the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Contributions to Student Learning, UNSW, 2015. 

Dr Britz's area of expertise is pure mathematics, particularly in combinatorics. He also enjoys applying combinatorial tools to other areas both in and outside of maths, including big data in medicine, bioinformatics, criminology, ecology, electrochemistry, law, and psycholinguistics. He welcomes the opportunity to solve tangible real-life problems and has consulted for a variety of companies.

Email [email protected] to enquire if Thomas is available to mentor you.

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Mentoring for

Learning and Teaching

  • student learning 
  • learning and teaching curriculum design 
  • assessment and feedback 
  • convening a course 
  • integrating technologies into learning and teaching 
  • evaluation 
  • general teaching methods 


  • feedback on a journal article 
  • feedback on a conference paper 
  • reviewing a journal article 

Career and Professional

  • how to establish and build networks 
  • how to decide on career priorities 
  • supporting critical reflection through listening and asking questions

Conditions of mentoring facilitation

  • one-on-one mentoring  
  • group mentoring 

Preference of academic level of potential mentees

  • Lecturer A 
  • Lecturer B 
  • Lecturer C


Willing to mentor within my discipline and/or across disciplines